Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

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Most of us assume that there is a demon lurking around the corner when it comes to buying a used car. This demon is popularly referred to as maintenance cost. Tell your near and dear ones that you are considering buying a used car and you will immediately get a slap on your wrist and be reminded about out of warranty maintenance cost for a used car.

While we understand and sympathise with those who have faced massive repair costs soon after buying a used car, we also encourage having them inspected before buying. We want to support those who are chasing their dream car and want to help them get one.

To help you turn your dream into a reality, we have introduced a used car pre-purchase inspection program. If you’ve narrowed down the used car you want to buy and want an expert’s opinion, our knowledgeable and trained technicians will closely inspect a car and tell you the condition of the car and any potential issues that you might face with it.