Tyre & Wheel Alignment

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Tyre & Wheel Alignment

Tyre & Wheel Alignment

We have reached a high level of sophistication, and while tyre establishments can perform satisfactory wheel alignment procedures, there is so much more behind the wheel that can affect the safety of your vehicle.
ABS brakes, traction controls and electronic driver assist are just some of the important safety systems that need to be taken into consideration during a wheel alignment.
That is why it is essential to choose a fully qualified workshop to perform your next wheel alignment.

Put simply, the term “wheel alignment” refers to how well (or otherwise) the wheels on your vehicle are aligned relative to each other, as well as to the centre line of the vehicle. While alignment settings differ between manufacturers and models. All vehicles are designed to deliver precise steering and braking responses – but only if the wheel alignment angles are correct for that vehicle.

When Should You Get a Wheel Alignment?

Obviously, the best time to get a wheel alignment is when noticeable symptoms of poor alignment are present, but there also other “best” times, such as:

When you rotate the tyres, since it allows you to properly inspect the tyres for signs of uneven or accelerated wear patterns that may have gone unnoticed while the wheels were on the car
When you replace one or more tyres to ensure that the new tyres are not damaged by the effects of marginally out-of-spec alignment settings that you may not have noticed before
When you replace standard, steel rims with lightweight alloy rims, even if the alloy rims have the same width and offset than the original wheels, since the weight of the wheels is a critical factor when alignment angles are determined during the design phase of all cars
Every time you have maintenance or repair work done on the steering or suspension systems both front and rear, since many of these procedures require at least some disassembly of the suspension system, which in turn can upset or disturb alignment settings during reassembly.
When you perform any modification to the vehicle that alters its ride height or weight distribution, since these factors are critical to maintain proper (and correct) wheel alignment settings

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